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         Attorney and Counselor:


I really appreciate your help. I used to have this phobia for anything lawyer, but you changed my opinion completely the way you have helped us and I will be forever grateful.

*         *         *         *          *          *

Thank you so much for your support and commitment to helping us. We are pleased with the results and are happy to have this ordeal behind us. You have been wonderful.

*         *         *         *          *          *

We really want to thank you for your kindness, patience and service during this distressful time for us. We are very grateful.


This was a difficult case to mediate. Very impressive job, and the cost of the mediation was very reasonable.

*         *         *         *          *          *

Excellent Job. Your problem solving skills helped settle the case. Thank you very much.

*         *         *         *          *          *

Thanks for a job well done in a diplomatic fashion. Great job of smoothing feathers.

*         *         *         *          *          *

Your were knowledgeable about the issues, and did and excellent job in helping to settle this case.


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